Folk style in the interior

Now minimalism, Scandinavian style and loft arm confidently paced world of modern interior. These interior styles are extremely popular, they are used virtually everywhere - from the apartment and ending with restaurants and offices. But such a deafening popularity does not mean that only to them and pay attention. After all, high-quality and skilled interior remains outside of time and trends. Therefore it is important to understand that no matter how good the above styles, there are many other options, not less worthy. And yet it is worth remembering that in the minimalist style fit perfectly bright and interesting accents - this combination creates a bizarre combination of styles, which often looks far more interesting than a "clean" interior. For example, what exactly should pay attention to, so it's on motivation in folk style or as it is often called, is the-art. These motifs will allow you to skillfully balance on the verge between minimalism and ethnic style.

Folk style in the interior

There are many options as to what kind of patterns to be used in your interior. First of all, it all depends on the basic style of the interior, for which patterns in the style of folk music will complement. But it is also necessary to give the report and the fact that among all made by you you have to live, so that your personal preferences play a decisive role.

National designs

Of course, national patterns play an important role . It is in their entire history is contained, a special atmosphere and outlook of people. Usually they are used very dosed - accent wall living room with a characteristic pattern, panel, picture. It is important not to overdo it, because national patterns usually differ strong brightness, which is not always appropriate in a modern interior. You can use not only traditional Moroccan, Chinese, Indian motifs, but also add to the interior motives of his native country - it will be a relatively unusual, but still just as beautiful and stylish. The main thing - to apply them in the right place and not anyhow

Bright white

Bright accents against a background of bright accents -. It is a frank failure from the point of view of contemporary design. But if the basic tone of the room white, the bright accents may well make the room a deep, interesting and expressive. Actually, folk motives in this situation is the best one. In addition, the white color will slightly dim the brightness, so that even Bedroom with bright accents will still look soft and relaxed. Moreover, here you can use a variety of variations - from bright geometric patterns to traditional plants pictures, animals and other similar

Color Line

The most straightforward, but at the same time amazingly versatile. one folk motifs in the interior are bright colored lines. It can be both smooth and Curved line pattern simulating minerals. They are ideal in a situation where you want to keep the overall mood of the room minimalist, for example, if it's bathroom , but we would like to add a stylish bright accents that will not destroy the mood. For colored lines in the interior of the best natural colors fit - pistachio, ocher, terracotta, etc. Use these motifs can be not only in the decoration of the walls, but also for furniture upholstering, on pillowcases decorative pillows, blankets, carpets, and even on the curtains. The main principle is unchanged - not overdo with bright elements in the room, otherwise they will be lost for the basis of style


Pay attention to this interior style as eclectic. This style successfully blends in itself all that is normally mixed is not accepted - old and new things, minimalism and luxury, calm and brightness. It is in the eclectic ethnic motives may reveal itself more fully and become the basis of the interior, not a pleasant color supplement.

But it is important to understand that not for everyone this style is suitable, as it is very capricious and bright. So if it seems to you too "strong" for you - it is better not to use it, but simply to use folk motifs on the basis of other, more simple and calm interior styles

As you can imagine, still apply patterns properly. in the style of folk music it is extremely difficult for a person who understands the surface of the interior theme. Therefore, we suggest you contact a professional interior designer who can easily do the job for you. Where to find such a master? You can ask around with friends, look for online reviews or you can contact company «Smart Space» . Even though our main work is the creation of custom-made furniture, we can also offer you and the services of a professional designer. So, turning to us, you will find both a professional and get the possibility to buy an individual and high quality furniture.

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