There are lots of interior styles, each of which may be something to attract the consumer. Most modern minimalist style and focus more on rationalization of space. And these styles of interior has been said a lot - they are popular, in demand and relevant. But not everyone wants for themselves such an interior. Everyone has different tastes, and some people want to see in the interior of something more gentle, romantic, touching. And these people are usually referring to Shabby-chic style. Translate this name can be as "shabby chic". And this name perfectly reflects the essence of style. Carefully selected Occasional furniture, retro decor, subtle colors - all this creates the atmosphere of the house with a history, with some in the past. Such interior is very sentimental. Although, because of the emotion, it is more inherent in women than men.


In this article we will explain what the characteristic features of the interior has the style, so you can re-create it yourself. It should be clarified that even though in the interior is often used old furniture, but this is absolutely no reason to use a broken or completely spoiled furniture.

The pastel colors

For this interior style is characterized by pastel colors and light wood, although it is usually a choice of more typical for sleeping rooms and not for the whole house. As a floor covering is better to choose a light natural wood. It is desirable that it was unpainted and had scrapes, bumps. So the impression that this flooring is here a long time. The best option wall covering wallpaper or paint. When choosing a color, look at the whole range of pastel colors. Of course, most often you can see a dusty pink, light blue, cornflower blue, ivory, powdery. But they are not the only - mint, gray-green, the color of moss, pistachio and other color is also in demand. The main thing - properly fit into the interior. Just remember that regardless of the chosen colors, the interior should look light and tender.

Authentic furniture

The style and shape of the furniture is largely irrelevant. More importantly, that it was "with history." This can be accomplished by purchasing a really old furniture, or simply buying a specially made old furniture. It all depends on you. If you think that the furniture looks too modestly - its color. Painted furniture - a classic Shabby-chic. But it works only with tables, chairs, tables, ie, wood furniture. But with furniture so it will not work. The old furniture is often not suitable for use as unpleasant smells, and her battered vehicle. Better to buy new furniture, just in retro style. But for chairs and armchairs, you may well use cases. Cover on chairs around the dining table only decorate the interior.

Romantic patterns

floral pattern in retro style - one more card of this style. They are used for wall coverings, upholstery, textile. Curtains with a characteristic pattern perfectly decorate and will complement a similar interior. As for the upholstery and wall coverings - the main thing is not to overdo it, and it is better to use in the room is one thing. Otherwise, the room will be full of detail, and it is common for the benefit of the interior will not do. If you have a small room, it is best to even one selected option to proceed with caution, since the small flower prints as wallpaper or upholstery can visually reduce the room. In a small living room, for example, you can paste over the three walls of self-colored wallpaper and fourth - wallpaper with a floral pattern. So you add the desired pattern, and does not reduce visual room and add accent wall, which has a positive effect on the interior.

Uniform textiles and decor

To create a quality of interior in the style of shebbi- chic enough to use a pair of characteristic elements. It is important to adhere to all over the line. This means that not only the furniture should be old, but also cover, decor, even textiles. In addition, now there are many items made "antique", so if you can not find the right wallpaper or curtains, you can just buy them. The same with the decor - fishnet starched napkins, chair covers in kitchen . All this must be present, otherwise you will not be able to recreate the atmosphere that is characteristic of this style.


hand-made products are very popular in the interior in Shabby-chic style. This may be the decor, and textiles, and even self reworked furniture. The bottom line is that the hand-made products more atmospheric and intimate than their counterparts producing in large quantities in plants. Therefore, personally made things count more. It can be knitted chair covers related you personally. Or plaid patchwork. Made his own picture frames, flower pots, etc.

Perhaps you do not know where to find good furniture for your interior. You would not want to buy old furniture, but most of the stores furniture in style Shabby-chic you can not offer. In this case, you can contact company« Smart Space ». We are engaged in the creation of individual furniture, so you can literally buy furniture in any style, which you just do not need.

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