Autumn interior upgrade

Quite a lot of people believe that the interior should remain virtually unchanged from the end of the repair and before the next repair. Of course, this statement is true for things such as floor, wall, ceiling coverings, furniture overall. However, we should not forget about the things that are at times easier and cheaper to change. For example, the same picture - why the time they do not change from time to time? And the majority of people for whom the interior of their homes is very important, do just that. Often, small changes in the interior timed to coincide with the change of seasons. This is logical, because with the change of seasons, we do a lot of things are changing - clothes, shoes, blankets, rugs. So why not go further and does not change more of the things in the house, so that they maximize the mood of the season passed, and create a special atmosphere in the interior? After all, this is a good way to keep the novelty and follow trends.

Autumn interior upgrade

In this article we will tell you about some of the most popular trends this fall. This article will be useful for those who want to make some interesting changes in the interior, but it has no idea what it could be.


The environmental objects in the interior We have always been quite popular, but now the trend is gaining momentum. The introduction into the interior of objects made of natural wood (or made by natural wood) can greatly affect your decor, of course, the better. For example, you can replace chairs at dining table on wood, with natural coloring. Or use a panel of wood. Even a small coffee table with a top made of wood saw cut will look simply delicious. In a pinch, you can use wooden bowls and vases as a decoration - it is a simple, cost-effective and efficient option. Moreover, it is important to note that the trend is mainly based precisely on wood rather than stone.


It may be green plaid, green curtains, green pillowcases for decorative pillows in living. Green textiles can not only refresh the room, but also add to him the liveliness, dynamism. However, do not just rush brightly at green items. This is not the green that you need. It is better to give preference to pastel green, muted green, swamp, pistachio shades. They retain their liveliness, but it is better to give the atmosphere of the season. In addition, acidic or simply too bright colors put pressure on the inhabitants of the room, difficult to combine with a ready interior. But the more muted colors, and the interior will fit easier and to pressure you will not, but it is an undeniable plus.

Brushed metal

Fashion metal is in full swing, so it's time to add it to your interior. Currently, the most popular brushed metal - it does not look as flashy as his napolirovanny glossy counterpart. But he looks all so succinctly, rigorously and exquisitely. A great idea is to use matte countertops in kitchen, but it is quite expensive. So instead, you can use the miniature figures of brushed metal, all the same dishes for fruits. Or minimalist chandelier

"Naked" light

The previous trend is combined with another trend -. "Naked" lamps. It is understood that the lamp should be only the frame. This trend is much in common with the style of interior, like a loft. Such lamps are often used materials such as wood, metal, glass. It is important that they look minimalist and restrained. In the same bedroom such a lamp may look very appropriate, particularly if The room itself has a low-key style of the interior


a bright solid color tableware -. another interesting trend. After all, there must be something that will please you with gloomy autumn morning. This acquisition does not hit hard on the pocket, but you're guaranteed to enjoy them and see their purchase literally every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An additional advantage of such dishes is that it is very good will look at an open storage system.

Of course, you do not have to use all of these trends. But most of them realized simply and not expensive. Take, for example, the same wooden chairs. You can easily get them by contacting the company« Smart Space ». We offer you only quality furniture and services, and make sure this is very simple - buy goods from us. And you'll enjoy your purchase for a long time, glad that for all the time it is almost not lost its dignified appearance. In addition, we offer custom-made furniture, and it means that we can create individual chairs to suit your interior style, to make it look as if it were present initially.

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