How cheaply freshen the interior

From time to time change or freshen the interior is quite important. And the question now is not so much about how to change the old furniture and coatings, but rather about how to change the look of the interior. It is necessary even in the most thoughtful and stylish interiors, as everything eventually becomes boring, and even to the most refined interior quickly get used to. And even the small changes introduced into our lives the novelty and positive emotions. Sometimes, however, you realize that the house wanted to be something to change, but do not have the financial capacity to some global change. Many humble themselves, and transfer them to a more convenient time. However, there are many ways to slightly modify and refresh the interior, without spending a significant amount of money. Of course, this is not a full-scale change, but they may well be an excellent solution for a time, as long as there will be no money for a full repair.

How cheaply freshen the interior

In this article we will tell you about the most popular and easiest option.

Pattern the wall

Decorating the walls is not necessary to use pictures. There are many other, no less interesting ways. For example, instead of pictures you can use posters or banners, but it is one of the most obvious choices.

In addition, you can decorate the wall of a garland, on the wall to make a collage of photos of loved ones, to make three-dimensional inscription of the self made letters. That is not difficult, but interesting interior accent appears in this room

The new cushion

Cushions -. It is the easiest way to decorate the living. So, buying three or four new pillows, you may well be able to refresh the interior. Arrange cushions can be on the couch, and on the chairs. You can choose toys with fun prints or in the form of animals, to make the room more cheerful. Plain cushion in the interior will create an atmosphere of elegance and brevity. Well, pillows with sequins, sparkles and sequins will make your interior a stylish and glamorous. The choice is yours, that you want to add to your home.

New pictures

Perhaps, there is a man whose house is not hang pictures. But there comes a time when they have to change. And the paintings change greatly affects the overall atmosphere. Currently, the trend geometric compositions panel picture and reproductions of famous artists. Select several paintings, which will be combined with your color scheme of the interior - and you Transform your home

Rope pots

Needless to say, that the house plants themselves transform the room, doing it. more natural, fresh and alive. Especially important in greens kitchen - simple plants to decorate the room, and such as mint, basil and so on. d. and more will benefit. Lately, especially popular plants in pots - they do not take place on the table and decorate the room. And the most stylish at the moment are the options for pots, hanging in a rope, "bags". Moreover, this "bag", you can make your own hands, without any cost. But the effect is striking.

The new textile

The new textile also can significantly transform the interior. The question now is not just about the interior bedroom and new bedding. New curtains, covers for chairs and armchairs, blankets - all this affects the very interior. In addition, a properly selected textiles only make your room cozier. Look for your curtains - could be their time to change


Wall Shelves are relatively inexpensive?. But they can be very useful - they can put books, decor, lighting, plants, after all. So if you buy a couple of shelves of high-quality interesting shape - that your interior will benefit. Now the popular hexagonal shelf or shelves in the form of animals.

High-quality wooden shelves of all shapes and sizes get much easier than you think. To do this, you only need to contact the company« Smart Space ».

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