How to choose the style of interior design

The choice of interior style depends largely on the fact that generally wants to see in his house the master himself. But this does not negate the fact that any home some styles are more appropriate, while others do not correspond at all. This is certainly not strict rules, but that the specifics of how to evaluate your property. For example, if your apartment is located in the center, then it expect to see any modern interior style, but the country will cause confusion. Of course, the property owner is not obliged to adapt to societal norms, but if he wants to apartment and interior are in harmony, then the advice to be given in this article are worth considering. This article does not reveal to you some special secrets, but simply explain quite accessible, which options would be most appropriate in your particular situation. But remember, the main choice is still up to you.

How to choose the style of interior design

So, first let's find out, how do you determine how much it should cost you an interior that will fit your housing. It calculated very simply - taken as 100% the value of your apartment, and 35% - this is just the ideal value of your interior. Fluctuations, of course, possible, but if your interior is worth half or more of the cost of the apartment - it is worth considering and moderate spending. . In general, the optimal interior can determine the approximate more and by type of buildings

Khrushchev, Putinka, brezhnevkа

These structures have been created for the sole purpose - to provide people with housing. Ideally - a comfortable accommodation. But the style, elegance and refinement here in the calculation were not taken. So that the most appropriate style for the interior of apartments - is a style of functional and practical, concentrated on the owner's convenience rather than the high aesthetics of shapes and colors. Simply put, in such an apartment would be appropriate minimalist Scandinavian style, eco-style and other similar styles. Just pay attention to the elements of high-tech, especially with regard to the interior cuisine. But in general, the only thing that these apartments certainly not survive, so this classic styles. As for the rest, with the right approach you can make out Khrushchev almost anything and how you want the interior

Architectural monuments, pre-revolutionary, pre-war homes

House "with history." - this is a wonderful thing , actually. They feature high ceilings, a convenient location, quite spacious rooms. Yes, even in the appendage on the ceiling moldings may find interesting.

Of course, such homes should be approached very carefully so as not to spoil all properly chosen style. The fact that these apartments are very "typical" and the introduction of the same minimalist in such an apartment will be a simple waste of money. The apartment will look ridiculous, the style does not reveal itself, and the money will have already spent. So the apartments are very classic styles, also perfectly suited the Empire and Art Deco. So, it is worth to pay attention Shabby-chic - it can make the apartment enchantingly beautiful, and bedroom in this style simply fascinate you. Modern interior styles also can be used, but they should look more soft and classic.


These apartments are very different from all of the above options. They can please the owner of the spacious rooms, free layout and general orientation to space and lightness. In these apartments is completely inappropriate will look classic styles, because even the architecture of such premises expresses restraint and moderation. So, it is clear that to draw your attention in the regeneration of apartment you need for modern interior styles. In such apartments will look good loft style, high-tech, grunge. It is literally a win-win options.

But in general, it should be understood that the design of such apartments can allow you to realize them practically any style, and even the classic styles can blend in this apartment. The main thing - to use modern solutions and actual furniture. Creative interior styles also will look good in this apartment, and most. Living allow you create something interesting.

the high segment of new buildings

This apartment "upper class." They offer a preinstalled set of advanced solutions, so that, again, it will be difficult to enter into such an apartment fairly conservative classic styles. Different artistic styles such as kitsch, here, too, did not take root - too respectable apartment. Remain contemporary styles that were in the article mentioned several times

A modern, quality furniture -. It is not a luxury but a vital necessity. Good furniture is not just pleases you with its appearance and durability, it is just as well support your back, relieves tension, maintains the correct height of the table, lets keep things rationally and much more useful. Where to buy a custom-made furniture, which will fully meet your needs? Of course, company« Smart Space ».

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