How to create an interior of timeless

No matter how good the interior, sooner or later there comes a time when it needs to be changed. And the question now is not so much about the state of things, but about the very concept of the interior. After time passes, people change, change their outlook on life and on the interior as well. Although a change of attitudes in each passage in different ways. Someone 20 years old will live quite safely in the same interior style and even be upset when you have to implement a global repair and replace the interior, because he was accustomed to the environment, and does not like change. For the other person change the overall style of the room is needed every 10 years. But someone, and five years can not stand - needs change and new experiences. But in general, everyone would like to live in the interior, which would suit them as a longer time can be.

How to create an interior of timeless

Of course, you can not create a room that will serve you for 30 years already, so you're tired of it. At least in its original form. But here is to create such an interior, which can be plastic and change with you - it is quite possible. And a number of recommendations on how to implement it


The basis of all -. It is a complete understanding of your expectations. So what you have to very clearly understand exactly what you want in the interior. Functionality, minimalism and originality - you have to choose and focus the creation of the interior is based on your expectations. It is difficult because we can often take the side of momentary impressions, but they quickly pass, and the interior will stay with you for a long time. It is also important to understand that it is for you is such a thing as comfort. Not in general, but specific examples - colors, interior style, type of furniture, the type of wood, lighting, decoration and stuff like that. Just check for yourself exactly what you want to see in each of the rooms. For example, light and airy bedroom, a stylish living room, etc.

generates a taste

Even the taste in the interior is not something that is given to us at birth, and that we can develop with time. So try and develop it in yourself to end up with a more elegant and interesting interior. You can easily do this by learning about new trends, interior styles, color combinations and decor. So you can not only make your interior more harmonious, but also successfully to modernize with the times. Good interior taste is important for each of your rooms, both for the living and for the bathroom . After all, if you decide to just do whatever you like on the picture, then you will lose a lot. Home loss is individuality. But just to be ignored features of your home, which is why everything in life will look quite different, as a pleasing image.

Work on trends

Of course, it is desirable in interior use the most recent and current trends. However, it is necessary to share the trends that will cease to be so in a single season, and those who hold on at times longer. For example, the popularity of interior styles like minimalism, Scandinavian style, loft last more than one year and, apparently, is not going to weaken more the next five years. Long term trends should form a basic interior, i.e. that part of it which will be practically unchanged. But those trends that must quickly come and leave quickly occupy the part of the interior, which can be easily, quickly, and the inexpensive changes. For example, wall panel quite costly attachment and install it should be the master, but it will now be equally relevant, and even after 10 years, and the picture is relatively the inexpensive, and change them very easily.

Focus on new trends

Attention to the latest trends also have to pay. They can be an excellent source of ideas for your interior updates. Popular color combinations, interesting decor, textiles and so on - these are the highlights in the interior, which are easy to replace. But often change their interior is starting to look for a new, more lively and modern. Using these same trends, you can safely change your interior, create new accents and make it more relevant. For example, new paintings, blanket and pillowcases for decorative pillows in living can add interior color or vice versa, to make it more discreet.

Changes to the interior

it should be understood that the "eternal" interior can not be, if it does not vary slightly. Otherwise it will look out of date and boring. So you just need to create a good base that will be easy to make and fit into these changes themselves. As for the changes, you can slightly change the interior in accordance with the seasons, for example. Fluffy pillow cases, rugs and blankets in the winter, lighter and more natural fabrics in the summer; paintings of, the relevant season. Just festive decorations can not only lift your mood, but also give you an escape from the usual style. In addition, many people like to bring souvenirs from travels - select the place for them, but only with the expectation of the completion

In any case, the basis of the interior, which will serve you for a very long time -. Is a high-quality and stylish furniture. Without these qualities you quickly have to find a replacement that could well disrupt the original interior structure. A purchase quality furniture you can company« Smart Space ».

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