How to create an "expensive" interior

Many people think that to create expensive interior is only one way - to buy expensive furniture, use expensive coatings, expensive decor and expensive textiles. In principle, it is true, but there is one thing - expensive things sometimes look too flashy, a kind of collective farm chic. So you need more and pay attention to what you buy and how you plan to use. And this will help the interior designer. But expensive things - it is not the only option for creating an expensive interior. There are other ways that require you to one simple and yet very complicated things - attention to detail. And, if you find a talented designer and obrisuete him the essence of your wishes, then most likely, it is also able to help you. But if you have no desire or ability to contact the designer, you have to deal with all of yourself. It is difficult, but possible.

How to create an "expensive" interior

This article will tell you about some tricks that can make your interior look more expensive than it actually is. Of course, frankly cheap interiors these tips will not change, but the average interior chic may well be added, and can even make it look expensive.

Natural materials

Some people believe that natural materials are always more expensive than artificial. But it is not always the case. For example, pine wood can cost much less than chipboard or MDF. And it will look at times more expensive and sophisticated. And in order to save more, you can find private carpentry. These you can ask if the furniture from natural wood completely failed to order, make to order at least of wood facades. And in order to improve the appearance of the cabinets, shelves, tables and other things like that, just buy expensive pens that will be the main focus. Expensive furniture handles differently will cost less than the expensive side table in living. And though it seems very funny, this simple method works on hurray. Wood can make the interior more expensive in another way - wood inlay. Bowls made of wood, small decorative panel with a characteristic wood pattern - all of which can make the room look more natural, expressive and expensive


The most important thing you should know -. Buy expensive textiles and take it to the sewing workshop was not cheaper than to buy a quality set in a shopping center. All just the opposite. Moreover, the pleasant shopping malls that can often offer discounts on certain products, which is an advantage for your pocket.

Especially stands out curtains. The most expensive look long and heavy drapes to the floor in the entire width of the window. It is better if the curtains are made of thick, heavy and bulk tissue as thin and light options look more minimalistic than expensive. Of course, these curtains will not help you to children`s room, but in the living room will create a delightful impression

So, it is better not use textiles with cheap imitation fur -. it cheapen the look. If you so important fur rug in front of a sofa, look better or high quality imitation, or give up the idea. The same applies to the pillows - pillow cases reduce the price only with fur interior, better choose velvet, silk or variants of natural fabrics

Furniture sets

furniture, ie. sets of identical furniture should be avoided. The only assumption - a pair of identical objects, such as chairs, which create symmetry in the room. Also, you can assume the same chairs around dining table, although it is increasingly possible to see the composition of the chairs of various kinds, but in one color. Instead, you need to pick up a set of similar style and color patterns from different sets, or sold without the sets, and merge them into the interior. It is difficult, but the result will look very elegant and refined, if you do the right thing.

Dressing Room

The availability of dressing rooms benefit most, oddly, apartments with a small footage. Moreover, the dressing can be no room in the fullest sense of the word - just peel off some space on the floor curtains. This will create a sense of windows and visually expand the space, and will not use bulky and expensive wardrobes. In bedroom is possible to do a vintage chest of drawers for clothes.


Painting has always attached and still attaches to the interior a feeling of exclusivity, sophistication, high cost. Moreover, there is not even required expensive and ornate frame - the picture itself says everything for itself, and the frame is better to choose the simplest. A picturesque view of the kitchen will create a deeper and more special atmosphere than the more conventional paintings.

A lot depends on the interior furniture. Beautiful and skilfully made furniture always creates a sense of expense and exclusivity. Where to take such furniture? Refer to the company Smart Space - and we will help you


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