How to make the apartment more spacious and bright

It would seem an obvious statement - the more flat, so it is more spacious, and the more windows and better lighting, so it is lighter. But in practice, we can see that even in large apartments with good lighting that same space and light is not felt. And some small apartment with a small number of windows on the contrary, look as though they have expanded and illuminated with the help of some magic tricks. But this is not no magic, but a banal work force designers who have thought through and designed the interior with the expectation of these characteristics. In fact the building is not increased, but it looks so much more. And if you too want to make your living space does not depress you clutter and darkness, you should carefully review your interior. It is possible that it would be necessary to appeal to the designer, who will give you a design project.

How to make the apartment more spacious and bright

But in this article we will tell you about those moments that will help you make the room more spacious and brighter without the help of a designer, but simply own hands. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Roman blinds

Often in our homes, we use the standard curtains to the floor. They certainly can be very attractive, but on the other hand they are very obscure and clutter up the space. Instead, they make better use of Roman blinds. They are the perfect balance between the usual curtains and blinds. On the one hand they are all the same attractive, and on the other - extremely economical in terms of space. In addition to the above, they will be very relevant for children's room as a child virtually no chance to get lost in such curtains and frustrate them.


Mirrors can play a very important role in the formation of light and space in the interior. Due to their reflective abilities they serve two very important functions. First, reflect the space, so that visually enlarge the room can. For example, a mirror or even glossy finish on the ceiling visually raise it, making the ceiling is higher than it is. But the mirror on one wall to expand the space slightly. Secondly, the mirrors reflect the light, and it substantially increases the light in the room, both natural and artificial. To enhance the natural light just hang mirror opposite the window, and to strengthen the artificial light can be placed near the mirror. Well, mirror frames can be a significant part of the overall decor of the room

Cold gamma

cold, light, monochrome color palette -. That's what will make your room bright and airy. White colors by themselves create a feeling of spaciousness and ease, as if they are repeated on the walls and ceiling, it's a feeling only intensified. But for kitchen, for example, this option is not very suitable. In this case, you can do one accent wall in white and add to it a bright apron around the work surface. Metal elements also added space, especially if they are not dull. Another interesting option for wall covering - it is the effect obmre. Wallpapers with this effect is visually increase the height of the walls, so that space is expanding, at least visually. And if you still want something interesnenkogo, you can find wallpaper with glitter. Usually they have a coating, resembling a metal. They certainly inferior to the previous versions, but still slightly visually increase the room.

The bright monochrome furniture

With the furniture is the same situation as with coatings. Better not to choose something artsy and motley. On the contrary, it is better if the furniture will be slightly merge with the walls. Also, a good choice is a glass furniture. For example, a glass bookcase in living visually will not take a lot of space, as it itself transmits light and not to delay the view

But the main thing -. it is not to overdo it, otherwise the room will be similar to the halls of the snow Queen. Do not forget to dilute the monotony some interesting bright accents. Those curtains are great to deal with it.


A large chandelier made of glass and crystal, can give a lot of light. And she looks great and can be an interesting accent. It is clear that in the kitchen or in the small living room it is not necessary to place, since in such circumstances it will look ridiculous. But if you have allocated a spacious dining area, but over the dining table to hang a chandelier is more than appropriate.

The company« Smart Space », of course, has nothing to offer in the field of chandeliers or wall coverings. But we can offer you something different - high-quality custom-made furniture and beautiful, original mirror. Turning to us, you will quickly realize that made the right choice.

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