Eco interior

It is impossible to overstate the impact of eco-style with a modern interior. He is incredibly popular, and as if that was not enough, its elements are being actively implemented in other interior styles, such as Scandinavian style. He gives a lot to their owners - the feeling of oneness with nature, a sense of naturalness, the gap between urban realities peace. So if you want to see it all in my room - eco-style is at your disposal. But even if you do not want to bother with the creation of high-grade apartment interior in the style of Eco, then you may well podcherpnut most interesting moments and tendencies of this style, and simply add them to your interior. Of course, the most qualitatively handle designer as to introduce something new in the interior is not so easy. But you can handle yourself, if you do not focus on what you would like, and that it would be appropriate in the interior of your home.

Eco interior

We'll tell you what fashion ideas initially originated precisely in eco-style, but the public they are so appreciated that they have removed many interior and outside of this style.


< p> Of course, the basis of the palette make up the color, and you will not find here too vivid and challenging colors. One of the favorites of the season - it's green. But e pure green, and shades, mostly muted and deep. The main slope is exactly in dark colors, but if pay attention to the bright colors, the pistachio is just right. Green is used in a variety of fields - from wall coverings to furniture upholstery. And the best part is that you can use it and how to focus, and as a basis. For kitchen this color has always been the most loved, and then he can give this room is incredible charm and depth.

But the most important is the leader among the gray base color. Moreover, with the same enthusiasm to perceive all its variations - from gray-pink to deep slate. Of course, the darker colors are used as accents and lighter often used as a base color. But such a popularity of this color is not surprising - it is easily combined with other colors, it adds a minimalistic style, and by itself does not overload the room

Blue and blue as well gaining popularity.. Well, and blue-green - it's a different story. These colors never really forgotten, but now they can use to add a refined interior rigor or peace, depending on the shade. For bedroom these colors can be an excellent solution if you like to play, freshness and finesse.

Natural motifs

the images of birds also gaining popularity. Meet them can be anywhere - on the wallpaper, on the upholstery, on blankets, curtains, cushion covers. And you can see the image of a bird in a variety of techniques - from watercolors to abstractions. But the images of animals on the backburner, but something of them survived - this animal prints. Wallpaper, made under the skin of a zebra, fish scales, though not very much in demand among the townsfolk, but still so many designers are recognized as an interesting idea for accent walls. But the fact is that the average person would not be able to implement a print itself in the interior, there needs a firm hand of the designer, who understands the principles of combination and can even complex motifs combined into one picture.

It would be well worth it note that is now popular to depict trees, shrubs, grass. In general, plant motifs are actively used. This largely echoes the concept of eco-friendly interior. But it is important to note that this is not about images, but rather about the drawings. Drawings of trees, foliage patterns, flowers paintings - here's what's popular. Beautiful pattern on accent wall in living may well be an excellent solution.

natural materials

of course, it is impossible to talk about the eco-style, without affecting the natural materials. Minimally processed wood - this is something that remains popular for many years. The floors are made of natural wood, wall panels, furniture with clear wood pattern - a classic of the genre. Just do not forget about natural stone - decor in the form of minerals, all as relevant. But this has been said so much that you do not want to repeat. But a relatively new trend - a plaster moldings. It is used both to add a room of grace, and to emphasize some interior elements. Want to here it is important to understand that its use should be very metered, since in itself it is a very powerful decorative element.

It is possible that you would like to buy a furniture which corresponds to the best traditions of eco-style - charcoal drawing, minimalism, natural fabrics. Or would you like to buy high quality and beautiful wall panel? All this can offer the company «Smart Space». And the quality and appearance, we have much to gain from those options that can offer you most of the furniture manufacturers.

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