The recreation area on the balcony

When the interior throughout the house has already been developed, embodied and used successfully, then the first time you experience a great pleasure. But over time, it begins to want to improve something else, bring all their living space to the ideal. And then people pay attention to the balcony. In most cases, the balcony is a place to wash things dry or smoking room or warehouse is incredibly important things that are not used and will not be used. But why not turn this place into a comfortable place to rest? Usually they do not do that because it does not really need or do not want to mess around. But if you have a large family and not very large apartment - you should think about that, why not add to his dwelling one more "room" where you can relax in relative peace and quiet

The recreation area on the balcony

It is important to note at once that combine living rooms with a balcony can not. There are, of course, a number of trade-offs, but simply to demolish the wall and make the balcony and the living room only living impossible. So, in this article will not be considered an open balcony, as our climate make of such a balcony sitting area is simply meaningless. After use it can be, at best, half a year, not to mention the fact that upholstered furniture on the balcony that is impossible to put - rain and birds in a moment it will spoil. So it's about enclosed balconies and loggias.

The first thing you need to insulate and equip your balcony. Good insulation is necessary in order to balcony does not freeze in the winter, and it can be normal to heat the heater, for example. Well, the word is meant to equip conduct wiring to the light was, or at least the socket into which you can turn on a lamp and heater. Of course, a full heating system in living room, on the balcony is not up to snuff, but all the same heater, even the cheapest, may well solve the problem.

Next, you need to decide what you would like to see on the balcony. This sitting area for reading and watching movies. Or would you like more to eat here sometimes. Or maybe you want to enjoy the view of the city? Based on your wishes, you can already start planning the interior. For example, if you kind of important, it makes sense to install a large window from which you could enjoy even a moth sitting view. Just it makes sense to choose the style of interior, which would you like to see, at least approximately. On the basis of the selected style is already necessary to select Wall, floor and ceiling coverings. Typically, the walls and ceiling of the balcony selected panel of fiberboard, chipboard or MDF, as they have a long service life and look quite nice.

They are more often opting for workroom bosses offices. Well flooring usually presented laminate or linoleum. It plays an important role of colors, as it is often directly related to the style of interior. Once you have decided on the style of your wishes, colors and trim covered floor, ceiling and walls, and you can begin to be furnished. For balcony should not choose some expensive furniture, but if you want to save, you generally can do it yourself - get the pallets and connect them to the frame for sofa, sew a large pillow, put a pillow on the frame - and have ready a sofa.

On the Internet a lot of lessons to create home furnishings, so you will be able to. But, you can simply buy appropriate furniture if you do not want to bother. Again, what kind of furniture you need should be evaluated on the basis of your wishes. If you want an analogue living room - you can do a comfortable armchair or sofa with a small bookshelf. If you would like to spend the evening dining - you can put more and a small dining table . If it is assumed that it is a space for creativity, it is necessary to provide a worthy desktop

The final touch -. It's decor. He is not required for this room, but desirable. Pay attention to your houseplants. If you are afraid of freezing - just buy artificial flowers of high quality. They are very similar to live, but will not require care and differences in temperature will not be afraid. Just to be safe, beautiful poster or a painting.

Of course, if you want a beautiful balcony, which is an interior reminiscent of popular, then you need to buy furniture appropriate. She, of course, is more expensive, but the look is not an example of fun, and enjoy it to be enjoyable. Where to take such furniture? This is just something that can offer you company« Smart Space ». We make furniture to order from high quality materials and with the use of modern technologies. Products offered by us are guaranteed to be safe and just as much as qualitatively. Cooperate with us - means to secure their housing quality, beautiful and reliable furniture

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