Things that should not be in a small room

Small rooms require their owners far more attention than larger ones. This is understandable - to comfortably arrange a room of small dimensions need to seek out a compact and multi-functional furniture, plan its location literally tailored to each centimeter. With this, of course, you can handle, but still it will require much more effort than the work of a large room. While most designers have long been accustomed to this kind of jobs and cope with them quickly enough. But not everyone can apply to the designer, so it is often the apartment owners have to own to figure out how to make your small housing more comfortable and functional. And it is for these people and write articles that explain how to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum of space. And this article is no exception - in it we will tell you what should not be in a small room

Things that should not be in a small room

Of course, this is not the only options of how you can make a small room even smaller. But these errors allowed the most frequently.

Overall furniture

Corner sofas, chairs in massive living room, large closets - everything is totally inappropriate when space is limited. Instead of choosing a massive furniture, prefer a more "light" models - analogues is always there, you just need a good search. Overall furniture is bad not only because it takes a lot of space, but also their appearance. After all, it looks too massive, because of what the room suffers not only practical, but also visually. Sofas better to choose on the legs, among cabinets give preference to models at the ceiling, with simple clean lines. In the kitchen, organize open storage system - from the visual point of view, it is more successful than closed storage systems

Accent wall

This is not about the highlighted in a different color the wall, and on those accent walls. that host a lot of paintings, photographs and posters. It's not a very good option, as the wall is literally buried under lots of interior accents, because of which the wall space is lost. This does not mean you have to leave the walls bare - just for one wall, only one or two pictures. If you so desire accent wall - Mark the other color of the coating, it is also interesting and a decent option. Also, you can use the wall panel - they take not much space, but in the interior always looks elegant and appropriate. This is especially a good solution for long, but narrow rooms.

The abundance of decor

Of course, you always want to decorate your home. But here it is important not to overdo it. Even in large rooms decor abundance may adversely affect the general interior. And when it comes to small rooms, then in general you have to be very careful. The main problem of excessive decoration is that it is trite take up much space. This could be a free space, there could be some useful furniture but instead we see hundreds of assorted statues donated to the type of New Year holidays. Visually abundant decor just eats up space. In a small bedroom general should think about the decoration - maybe a picture and a pair of indoor plants will be more than enough?

the interior can be decorated not only with the decor, but also with the help of beautiful furniture. If you own a small apartment and want to buy high quality and beautiful furniture that will be organic look in your home, and do not eat extra centimeters of living space, then you should contact the company" Smart Space ». We will create a custom-made furniture that will fit your needs and specific conditions in your apartment.

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