Favorite interior styles for the kitchen

A good kitchen interior - is the salvation for housewives. After all, to engage in cooking for a long time and a chore, especially for a large family. But if you do it in a room that pleases you with its appearance, the disadvantages are minimized. Good interior can be made by referring to a good interior designer who knows his business and knows how to translate customer wishes into reality. But you need to decide before this, and what do you want the kitchen? Stylish, futuristic, romantic, bright? Often the different moods of the interior is associated with a variety of interior styles. Interior style very much, so find something to your liking, you can be sure. And we'll tell you about the most popular and sought after style of interior, which only can be seen in the kitchen. These styles are used most often, they create the most comfortable atmosphere and delight their owners a convenient and practical.

Favorite interior styles for the kitchen

Of course, this is not only true results, and if you are sunk into the soul of a variant that is not in this list, you should not reject it. We're talking about the most popular and only.


fusion style is very cheerful and dynamic. He pleases its owners enough combination of classical furniture and bright, rich colors. Vivid details, non-standard accessories - all this is about style. Kitchen apron exciting colors just to be present in the interior. At the same time, acid colors, only natural colors.


A gentle and soft style of Provence is not only suitable for the kitchen, but also for the en/shop/mebel-dlya-doma/mebel-dlya-spalni-.html"> bedroom . It draws its exquisite softness, femininity, tranquility. Pastel colors, high quality textiles, light wood, furniture fronts in retro style - all this is part of the charm of the interior style. This style requires no special decor, rather the whole atmosphere of the room is decorated. But a bouquet of wild flowers would not exactly superfluous.


For this style of interior space typical of zoning. Clear zones, each responsible for its function - that it is essential for this style of interior. Preference is given to concise, simple and multifunctional furniture. The interior uses neutral, natural colors, very much in demand tree. Sam interior should be designed in a single color, some bright color accents in the interior would be inappropriate. Simply put, the style is simple, uncluttered and functional, but at the same time warm and natural.


A minimum of furniture, lots of light, both natural and artificial, glossy surface, metallic elements in the furnishings - all of it is typical for this style. He is very calm and sometimes even cold, but this is its charm. This style - the embodiment of strict functionality. It is also a characteristic feature of this style is that the base color is most often white, because it visually expands the space. If you are intrigued by brevity and functionality, you think that glossy dining table looks stylish - it exactly your style.


Despite the fact that the style of country music is considered a rustic style, it is quite interesting and expressive. Natural materials, natural colors, family atmosphere - that's exactly what you can offer the style. For him, the same is characterized by a white color as a base, but the atmosphere is fundamentally different. Especially popular in the interior are warm colors that will add to the interior comfort


The gray colors, vivid details, stone accent walls, custom lighting -. Now you can see not only in living room, but also in the kitchen. Loft style is very expressive, a little gruff, crotchety - and fit it in the same people. But at the same time it works perfectly with the metallic elements, which adds to the coolness and brevity.

Pop Art

It is a kind of interior style and fit it is not for everyone. Bright colors, playful prints, posters, decor design elements with a hint of glamor - that carries the style. It involves a use of modern technology, a simple and concise furniture, which should stand out bright, uncharacteristic colors. But as an accent often introduced one or two very unusual piece of furniture - for example, the bar stools in the form of lips or something like that


This trend style albeit slightly. fed up with it all, but it is not going to take their positions. It has something of a minimalist, but at the same time, for the interior is characterized by natural materials, deep colors. Simplicity, functionality and convenience - that's the meaning of this style of interior

Each of these styles is different and each needs special furniture.. Where to buy furniture that will fully meet your needs and characteristics of styles? Of course, company« Smart Space ». The quality of our furniture is tested for years, and thousands of customers. Believe me, we will not disappoint you.

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