How to place a work surfaces and appliances in the kitchen

The question of a kitchen is always of interest to us, because this room plays a big role in our lives. The use of food and cooking it just seems not very time-consuming occupation, and in fact we spend in the room for at least 2 hours a day, eating or preparing food. Moreover, the cooking process requires us significant time and energy investment. So it is in our interest to make the room more comfortable, comfortable and practical. But it can be done only if you know exactly what to do and what to avoid. And most of the "owners" of these knowledge are designers. That's why, if you want the most beautiful and comfortable kitchen, it is best to still turn to a professional who can focus on your individual condition.

How to place a work surfaces and appliances in the kitchen

This article will be useful for those people who want the most ergonomically and rationally work surfaces and appliances in the kitchen. With that can handle a normal person, if you study this article.

Easy cleaning

When choosing the location of the height of the washing in the first place must take into account the growth of the person who will do the dishes more often . At the same time, it also should be located so that the sides she had space. Therefore, has a sink in the corner - not the best solution on the banal reason that the use of it in this case would be uncomfortable. Ideally, with each side should be a space of half a meter. Of course, this does not mean that there should be absolute emptiness - a working table top may well take this place. Just there should not be such household appliances as microwave, kettle, etc. Just remember that in this situation, on the size of washing is better not to save money, as little sink may well lead to the fact that the floor in the kitchen will regularly splashed with water.

Most of the working surface

another point, which is not worth saving, it is a working surface. Its height, again, should be based on human growth, which is most often cooks. The depth of the worktop must not be less than 60 cm, although it is better if it is 76 cm or more. Large work surface is needed in order to enable you to engage in cooking, to have her kitchen equipment without any problems. If you have a choice - to sacrifice the size of dining table or work surface in the kitchen, then better to sacrifice the size of the table.


Of course, the kitchen can not do without the bin. But it does not necessarily have the right under the sink. It just has to be close. A good recommendation is to pay attention to the sliding vertical boxes in which you can place a bucket is the most - they are comparatively more convenient than those options, which are equipped with a door. Just a little trick to preserve order in the house can be called a few small trash buckets located in the living room and nursery . Of course, they are for packages, sheets and other nepachkayuschih things.

Workspaces fridge and hob

Workspace panel is fundamentally necessary for cooking, as otherwise you will be uncomfortable to engage in cooking . For the most comfortable work space in front of you need at least 76 cm, and 40 cm on the sides. For the refrigerator it is important that it is fully opened and 40 cm countertop next. All of the above, of course, is not always possible to implement if you have a small kitchen, for example. In this case it is better to sacrifice the working area of ​​the refrigerator.


Hood in the kitchen is very important. people often ignore its presence because of the desire to save money, or the banal ignorance. Yet, without it, food will no longer meet all the safety rules. Extractor must be strictly above the cooking surface, at a height of 60-75 cm from the cooking surface. However, due to the fact that at the moment there is a lot of variety of models, you should still take care to guide reading, not to be mistaken with the installation.

These are the main recommendations that are likely to make your use of the facilities comfortable and convenient. Of course, not all of them turn out to follow if you have a small kitchen, but even the minimum observing these recommendations, you already will achieve much more comfortable than it was before.

Of course, all this must be supported by more and the presence of high-quality furniture. And you can buy it in the company« Smart Space ». We offer furniture for every taste and for every situation, moreover, we offer home furnishings of very high quality with which most furniture stores can not compete.

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