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ALPI veneer is a planed veneer made of fine-line technology developed by the ALPI S.p.A. in the 50s of the 20th century. Due to the development of technology, the introduction of improvements, the original technology has changed. And today the modified planed veneer ALPI is difficult to distinguish from the veneer made in the traditional way. The main stages of production of planed veneer:

  • shelling;
  • painting;
  • drying;
  • block formation;
  • bonding;
  • pressing;
  • alignment;
  • planing..

The use of modern technology and computer programs in the production of veneer today has created a planed veneer with accurate reproduction of the color texture of traditional veneer. Even at the stage of production you can set the desired pattern and texture. therefore ALPI veneer can be called the material of the 21st century.

This veneer reproduces the texture of many types of wood, possibly a variety of colors and patterns. At the same time ALPI veneer is a completely natural, ecological material, the production of which adheres to the principles of nature conservation.

ALPI veneer has many advantages. This is a variety of species - 35,000 articles, a perfect match of the pattern of the sheets of one article, excellent color fastness, strength and durability of the material.

Recently, ALPI veneer is becoming increasingly popular in many furniture industries. Smart Space Ltd. uses ALPI veneer in the production of cabinet furniture, kitchen, office, in the production of doors, for finishing and decorating various premises: office, home, administrative. The use of ALPI veneer in the production of furniture allows Smart Space LLC to produce high-quality, competitive and modern furniture that meets the various requirements of the customer.

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