Top 4 styles for the contemporary bar

A good bar will please its visitors not only a decent quality of drinks and food offered, but also worthy of Interior level. Pleasant environment offers a pleasant pastime, and it is an obvious fact. Therefore, more and more bar owners seek to finding a professional designer who can create high-quality, interesting and functional interior. After all, to make the interior of their own, without the help of a professional, it is not possible. As well, many think much about what kind of style of the interior will be the most organic look into the institution. It is obvious that, for example, a bar with an interior in style Shabby-chic will look ridiculous, and inorganically. Because the bar - it's all the same institution, in which come to drink and eat snacks, chat with friends, stay in the company. This is a night institution, as opposed to the same family of cafeterias and restaurants.

Top 4 styles for the contemporary bar

In this article we will tell you about the most popular styles of interior, which are suitable for the bar. They will most organically fit into the overall atmosphere and create in your institution the right mood.


Style Loft difficult to implement in the modern apartments , since they usually do not have enough ceiling height. But here but in the interior of the bar is made much easier, as these institutions often have higher ceilings. For wall coatings you should choose either a brick or a coating that mimics concrete. Floor - concrete. Generally, the entire atmosphere to be viewed by some abandoned and artificial ruin. For lighting should be fine model with chandeliers outdoor lamps and hanging wires frankly. Furniture is better to choose the appropriate - made deliberately rude and artificially aged. For example, look great sofas made of pallets.


Usually, the chalet style associated with living in a house located far away from civilization. But experience shows, it is perfectly hundred can be used in the interior of the bar. The main thing is that the atmosphere matched. If your bar is focused on comfort, rough style, relaxed home - then the interior style is perfect for you. The main emphasis in the style chalet is on natural materials - wood, stone, fur. Moreover, it is desirable that the wood has been the most brutally treated - knots, bumps, cracks are not only allowed, but even are what is necessary for this style. To place in this style will suit warm light, retro-lighting.

Pop Art

Although the style of the interior is most often found in the offices glamorous publications, but if your bar offers an interesting "girly" cocktails and generally focused more on the female audience, this style will be just perfect for your institution. Bright colors, modern lighting, paintings of iconic characters - all this, of course, attracts attention. Furniture is to use a simple but interesting colors.


Eco generally a whole is now quite weighty direction, which is being promoted in all areas of modern culture. So that its use is quite logical. Plus, natural materials, natural prints and houseplants in the form of decoration always look appropriate. For colors institutions should use natural shades, and preferably opt for white, brown and green colors. If you are afraid to use live plants - using high-quality imitation, or decorate the interior of driftwood, branches and logs, especially for the treated

Whichever option you choose, you have to find the right furniture.. Instead, you can simply contact the company« Smart Space ». We suggest you creating individual furniture that have a positive impact on your interior originality. And the quality, we also at the level.

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