Equipment for a small kitchen

The small kitchen is literally forced us to in order to learn to work with them. Even in the one-bedroom apartments have a kitchen is usually quite modest in size. So you have to look for ways to accommodate a maximum of room. Not that it was just as difficult. Yes, and designers gain experience, can offer you literally thousand and one solution to the problem. But it often comes to furniture. With the technique question is often left open. It is not yet invented a folding microwave or multivarku. And in the modern kitchen appliances you need a lot, as it greatly simplifies the life of its owners and increases the time that they can spend on themselves and not for cooking. However, for small appliances have life hacking and clever solutions that can simplify the process of placement of furniture in a small kitchen. Moreover, they do not even differ in some sky-high complexity.

Equipment for a small kitchen

In this article we'll tell you about that, on what technique you should pay attention and how to generally place techniques to the kitchen there is sufficient space to feel her comfortable.

The built-in hanging closet hood

Compact hoods, built-in overhead lockers - this is a great solution if you have problems with free space. They both leave you without hoods, and provide convenient storage space. In addition, this option looks quite aesthetically pleasing to the kitchen , because some open exhaust pipe is frankly not shower.

The narrow dishwasher

For a long time, there are compact models are very different techniques. And narrow washing machines - are not uncommon. They certainly do not differ a huge capacity, but it is necessary at least able to accommodate. The amount of such machines about 45 cm, but the convenience of their much more significant. So it is better to sacrifice these centimeters, but to simplify your life.

Two burners

Instead of a cooktop with four burners preferred option with two rings. It will be much more economical in terms of space. And if you live alone or together, you still unlikely to be useful precisely four burners. These cooktops are now widespread, so you will not have difficulties with the purchase of this option.

Refrigerator under the table

Compact refrigerators rarely attract the attention of consumers, as many feel that they They can not accommodate everything you need. But that's not true. Although they do not have a huge capacity, but placed there products for one or two people is quite real. And the main advantage of small fridge that their height is quite allows to place them under the work counter tops in the kitchen. And the saved location you can set dining table.

As see you well there are options to help you conveniently and economically place equipment in a small kitchen. But this raises the question of an appropriate furnishings, which will be designed to ensure that it has been mounted in some equipment. In a typical store can not buy this. But you can go to company« Smart Space » - we have just been creating individual furniture and that your problem can be easily solved

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