How to insulate an attic

Attic - is a dwelling on the ceiling, a characteristic feature of which is the slope of the roof. Arrangement attic may be due to several needs. Firstly, it is the need for additional living space. And secondly, just an extra room with a non-standard layout. Whatever goals you pursue, to this room it was comfortable enough for you, you need to equip it properly. After all, the better and more correct you do, the more prepared for the "living" conditions it will be - an adequate temperature, no drafts or leaks, adequate air circulation. Actually, the most difficult part of the preparation of the attic is just warming. The remaining activities at times easier and more familiar to us. But with attic insulation in life are unlikely to meet someone, so before you need to figure out what you should pay attention to and what to do.

How to insulate an attic

And this article just to help you in this difficult matter. Remember that the arrangement of the attic - it is in any case an expensive exercise, so that before they do, think, and whether you can afford it, and so if you need it. And now let us begin to understand what is necessary for the warming

Prepare the rafters

The first stage -. Is to prepare the rafters. Without proper preparation the whole structure may simply collapse, and that you just do not need. Before starting the process of warming the treated wood by special means, fire-bioshield functions. This is the maximum durability. In a conventional insulation residential this stage is usually not needed, but in this situation is very important, so be sure about it.


To ensure parozaschitu need the entire surface of the roof to shelter vapor barrier film. Moreover, it should be laid overlapping prokleivaya space overlapping bilateral adhesive tape. Film itself need to be fixed either by nails or by means of staples. This is to ensure that the insulation does not get wet from the steam that rises under the roof.

Laying tiles

This is one of the most important moments. So try to choose high-quality insulation and put it right. Otherwise, you can lose much heat. Insulation is secured on galvanized screws. Just try to find a relatively lightweight insulation that was less load on the rafters.

Waterproofing and windscreen

This point is important, because it protects the premises in bad weather. After all, you would not want in your bedroom , for example, the beginning drip from the ceiling. This is as important more because when wet "insulation" loses its properties, so it also needs to be protected. Although, there are now options for heaters, which are protected by a special layer, so that if you do not want to mess with the seal section, then pay attention to them.

The ventilation gap With proper installation of thermal insulation is obtained an integrated, sealed surface. Therefore, between the insulation and the crate to be stacked kontrbrus which additionally fix the insulation. Its axis should coincide with the axis of roof slabs. He will create a ventilated channel. Without ventilation, wooden construction and insulation will last a fraction, so do not neglect it.

Crate and roofing

Actually, this is the final stage. If all the above steps have been performed correctly, the only thing you need to take care about is that the coating is protected from rain and snow.

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