Reception area

When choosing a reception desk, keep in mind:


The reception desk is the first thing that meets us at the entrance to the office. In addition to meeting the guests, it is a permanent residence of the manager, sometimes a security guard, so first of all it must properly organize the space for others.

The rack of the administrator can be equipped with upholstered furniture, shelves, lighting, drawers, etc. It should be understood that the smaller the room, the more functional should be the rack.

Wear resistance

The more people go through the reception every day, the safer it should be. This criterion applies to both the base and the table top.

Also due to the flow of people, it requires frequent cleaning, which exposes it to greater mechanical impact with detergents. Quality materials and proper care will extend the life of your reception desk.


The reception desk should support the corporate style of the company and make a pleasant impression on guests and customers. It should not be made much more expensive or cheaper in appearance than the rest of the room.

In addition to colors, you need to choose a good shape. In a small room, a massive rack with sharp corners will cause a lot of inconvenience, unlike round.

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