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MDF — innovative material available to everyone!

What does this abbreviation mean? You can find detailed information about it on Wikipedia or another authoritative source. But we, as experts, for our part, will tell some more nuances about this material. As we know, MDF – is a new technology in the manufacture of furniture. The abbreviation MDF stands for  - Medium Density Fiberboard. The production process of MDF board – is quite complex. Raw materials for sawdust are forests intended for felling and wood processing waste. Everything is ground into small cubes, steamed under pressure and fed to the discs of a grater. After – drying and subsequent gluing. In the process of processing melamine is released in the form of urea resins, due to this there is a binding of chips into a single whole.

It is important to know!

As a base material for the production of furniture, – MDF has undeniable advantages. And first of all– it is its environmental friendliness, non-toxicity and safety for human health.

The second advantage of MDF can be called – its price. Justifying this by the fact that its characteristics, this material is very close to wood, but has a lower cost compared to it.

The third advantage – this is the quality and manufacturability of the material. The density of MDF boards is 700-870 kg / m3, which provides the ability to provide it with any relief processing (from simple to filigree).

MDF is not subject to deformation and is not afraid of mechanical influences, — this is its fourth advantage. The material is easily milled, cut, bent, drilled and has a smooth surface. Due to the flexibility of MDF, it is not difficult to give details from such material any form, for example, the demanded bent facades.

 And also the fifth and very important plus of MDF -   density of plates and their homogeneous internal structure that in the sum with a protective external covering provide its high moisture resistance.

MDF decoration.

The smooth surface and quality of finishing and polishing of MDF, allows to put paints and varnishes on it, for receiving glossy facades and panels. Depending on the technology of decorating MDF boards can be divided into groups.


Furniture from MDF painted

MDF furniture to order is in great demand in the Ukrainian market. The influence of European trends and the high quality of such furniture creates a unique expensive interior.


MDF painted -  type of material in which the pre-cut MDF panels, applied paint in several layers and varnish.


We can paint enamel MDF facades in any color. If necessary, the color is selected with the designer according to the RAL or NCS layout (more than 2000 shades). In production, this color of paint is prepared and applied in several layers. Varnish is applied on top. Varnish can be matte and glossy depending on what facades you want. You can also make a pearlescent, metallic (silver, gold) effect with the addition of aluminum particles in the varnish (sequins). Just keep in mind that such effects make the color half a tone darker due to the fact that such particles have the ability to reflect light, and each particle in its own direction, so in light colors, the color tone changes.

Painted MDF

We use high-quality professional   paints and varnishes. By applying vague elastic enamels, the finished products acquire an attractive appearance, as well as high resistance to physical impact. Such furniture is able to satisfy the most demanding customer. Painted MDF furniture can be of any color according to the RAL and NCS catalog, have a matte, glossy or metallic coating. Details can be of any size and have a radial shape. And most importantly, the furniture made of painted MDF looks high quality and expensive.

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