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Acrylic or artificial stone – what it is?

Acrylic stone is a composite material. It is cool to the touch, made of natural minerals and high-tech acrylic resin - this combination has many advantages over other materials.

The composition of artificial stone
- 2/3 aluminum trihydrate AL (OH) 3 (white clay)  
- methyl methacrylate (acrylic resin) - food pigments. Aluminum hydroxide provides   acrylic stone has the following qualities: hardness and resistance to shocks and damage, and the addition of polymethyl methacrylate make it a non-porous material. Smooth to the touch and solid in structure, acrylic stone does not absorb moisture and dirt, thus eliminating the formation of stains and dirt, fungi and mold.

        Despite the range of brands of artificial stone, all have the following properties: flexible when heated, seamless, easy to handle, safe, moisture resistant, polished. Thanks to these properties, & nbsp; all brands of artificial stone are an ideal material for living spaces and public   interiors.The strength of artificial stone is similar to the strength of natural stone. Areas of application. - unlimited: kitchen countertop with sinks, bathroom furniture, window sills, exclusive furniture, swimming pools, railings. In addition - bar or bank counters, reception, furniture edging, worktops for medical institutions (in dentistry and surgery), as well as in outdoor advertising.

Acrylic stone is not only a good solution for the above areas, but also practicality has been tested for many years.

Designers and architects around the world have long and widely used artificial acrylic stone to create individuality in the architecture and decoration of interior spaces, preferring it as a finishing material of universal class, which provides richness to decoration and gives unlimited possibilities in its application.

Acrylic stone products are exclusive because they are made to individual orders by hand: the material is not subject to stamping. This, in turn, makes things truly unique and inimitable.

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