Laminated chipboard

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In our production we use laminated chipboard, which is the main material for the manufacture of   kitchen and office furniture, as well as other interior items. This material, widely used in the manufacture of exhibition stands, laminated chipboard is used to decorate the interiors of shops and supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.


Furniture laminated boards are made on the basis of chipboard. Both sides are covered with laminate. There are 5 main types of textures of laminated chipboard: BS,PE,PR,SE,SM.


To protect against any damage and moisture, the ends of the plates are treated with PVC edge.

Laminated chipboard has high moisture and heat resistance, very resistant to abrasion and other damage. This property of the material is provided by the spreading of the resin on the surface of the chipboard, under the action of temperature 140-210 ° C and pressure 25-28 МПА.

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