Hanging furniture

Sometimes it happens that we want to see in your home something special, special. It could be anything, because different people have different tastes. And sometimes an interior that is quite difficult to get a gimmick. But this does not mean that the idea should be discarded. On the contrary, since there is something that you so desire strongly, then you need to try hard to have in your apartment, it appears, otherwise you will be a long time tormented with thoughts of what might be still worth to go on about desires, and not to give up. A striking example of such non-standard interior solutions is hanging furniture. It is not very common, but many admit that it looks very interesting, elegant and stylish. Of course, not all styles of interior it is appropriate, but with due skill and desire in the majority of its interiors can still be entered. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular types of hanging furniture, which are only used in the interior.

Hanging furniture


Swing home - it's a great solution. Especially for children's room. Firstly, you are guaranteed to gladden their children at home swing. Second, they look quite interesting and unusual, with the interior point of view. Depending on the style of the interior, you can hang a swing on a strong rope or even chain.

On the swing can not only swing, but also to sit. And you yourself can not hurt from time to time to remember his childhood and enjoy themselves, swaying on their own personal swing, you do not want to share with anyone.


Hanging chairs are very popular. They look stylish, have decent specifications, add notes of the interior of exclusivity and glamor. They are either wicker or metal, as well, there are options of transparent plastic. There are two variants of the suspension seat. The first option - it directly to the ceiling. Second Embodiment - hinged to the footrest. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but their practical convenience alike. The lounge chair is great to be a focus of indoor.


shelves, attached to the walls, and so called suspended. But in this article we are talking about cases where the board is suspended from the ceiling or wall with ropes or chains and not on spacers. These shelves look and create a home atmosphere of rustic lodge. Especially well on these shelves look houseplants. So if you want to add your kitchen comfort and natural heat, and you have a kitchen-type plants mint, without a shelf just can not do


it is possible, from a practical point of view of the suspension table -. it is not the best solution. But here is a situation where appearance plays an important role in the selection. Tables are usually attached to the wall on special hooks. The appearance may be different, but the point is that they look very stylish. And another non-obvious plus. Due to the fact that they are attached to a rope or chain, they simply adjust the height. For a child's room is a great option "for growth».

The Bed

Of course, in this article, it was impossible to do without the beds. Suspended beds in most associated with something romantic, elegant, delicate. And usually made just such a model of suspended beds. Again, from a practical point of view, they are not very comfortable - they are not very convenient to go to bed, and get down too hard with them, because of their mobility. But the appearance of a bed pays for all the inconveniences. Bedroom this bed is easy to transform into a magical fairy house. Plus, the ability to swing on the bed is also very attractive, let's not deny it.

Though all the furniture and rather obvious and simple, but to find such a model can be very difficult. But in that case, if you go to company Smart Space. We make individual custom-made furniture, so that by cooperating with us, you can get literally any "furniture whim».

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