What are the criteria for choosing a soft corner in the living room

Times are changing, and at the same time, the idea of ​​home comfort is changing. If earlier living rooms were literally heaped up with furniture, and this was considered an absolute standard of fashion and comfort, today space and minimalism are more valued. One way to save space is to install a compact seating area in the living room. How profitable such furniture is and how to choose it correctly, we will analyze below.

What are the criteria for choosing a soft corner in the living room

Features and benefits of soft corners
A soft sofa with an original and pleasant design is a great place for family gatherings, relaxing holidays and festive photo shoots. Here are just some of the features and benefits of using popular furniture.
1. Thoughtful design of a piece of furniture. The soft corner with an improved shape fully meets all the requirements of ergonomics and does not take up much space. Compact furniture can be placed in any corner of the living room. Ideal, even if the living room and kitchen are one whole room.
2. High-quality assembly. All parts are solid and fit together. The appearance of squeaks, gaps and other minor troubles is excluded. Nothing will eclipse the joy of a purchase.
3. Multifunctionality. Popular furniture performs several important functions at once. And you can sit with friends, and in the evening it's nice to relax alone in silence. A corner sofa is often used as a temporary or permanent bed.
4. Additional features. There are special compartments for storing bedding, some models have a mini-bar, wide armrests and additional shelves.

Criteria for choosing a soft corner in the living room
A wide variety of shapes and colors greatly complicates the process of choosing furniture. And yet, it is possible to acquire a soft corner of high quality in all respects if you know what nuances to pay attention to and what to take into account. So, here are a few criteria that you should rely on when choosing a soft corner.
1. Sofa upholstery condition. Models made from natural or semi-synthetic fabrics are recommended. The latter retain color longer and are less prone to abrasion. The more complex the texture of the fabric, the more expensive the furniture will cost. Velor, chenille, courtesan are some of the most expensive materials. Jacquard and tapestry are cheaper. In any case, the upholstery should be dense, evenly stretched, without any folds and middle seams.
2. Mechanism of transformation. In high-quality models, it fully corresponds to the expected load. Much depends on how often and in what capacity the purchased furniture will be used. If, however, a soft corner is rarely used as a sleeping place, and more often only for gatherings, you can stop at the usual “French folding bed”. This will be sufficient. But for daily sleep, other, more enduring and transformed models are needed. For example, with a dolphin or accordion layout.
3. Dimensions of the soft corner. It is recommended to use a tape measure and determine the parameters of the room in advance. For small living rooms, compact models are needed, for spacious ones, respectively, choose more furniture. Pay attention to the height of the backrest and the depth of the seat.
4. The shape of the corner. Models with unusual and sophisticated corners are available for sale: oval and U-shaped. The configuration should be chosen taking into account the interior of the living room.
5. Filler. The cost of the goods also depends on this soft part of the sofa. And not only the cost, but also the service life of popular furniture. There are several different types of fillers. We are talking about synthetic filler, polyurethane foam and orthopedic blocks with springs. Each of these fillers has strengths and weaknesses. So the soft part, made of synthetics (latex base and periotek), has a short service life. However, it does not cause allergies and does not cause significant damage to health.
A model with an orthopedic direction also improves health. High-quality filler can last more than one year. And yet, sofas from this series are far from affordable for everyone, as they are not cheap. But polyurethane foam is quite affordable filler. The only drawback is that this material is not very durable and of high quality. The service life leaves much to be desired. Over time, indentations may appear on purchased furniture.
A soft corner can become a bright and unique decoration for the living room , help to achieve the desired home comfort. A wide variety of models allows you to choose a sofa that is suitable in all respects for both a spacious and small-sized living room. It is such a sofa that will complement, and not destroy the given interior in the living room.

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