Reception furniture

The reception is the first thing that a visitor sees when entering the office of the company, and it is the impression of the reception that forms the initial opinion about the company.

Poorly selected furniture, an interior that does not match the style of the company may even alienate potential customers and partners. Indeed, by the outward appearance of the reception room, one can draw conclusions about how successful the company is, conclusions about its basic principles and style of work. We will try to give you some advice on the selection of furniture for the reception area.

Reception furniture

There are no uniform requirements for equipping reception areas, but some points need to be paid special attention to. It is best to choose furniture in the reception area in the same style as furniture in the entire office. Furniture should be ergonomic, comfortable, of high quality, and have a presentable appearance. The harmony of the appearance of the reception area, and the extent to which all interior elements are combined with each other in style and color, affects not only the efficiency of employees, but also the mood of visitors.

Conventionally, furniture for receptions can be divided into two types: for the secretary (reception desk) and for visitors (waiting area).

Secretary's workplace.

Today, reception desks are widespread. The reception desk is the face of the company, therefore it will be justified to manufacture it from expensive materials from a trusted furniture manufacturer. Resistant can have various shapes, sizes, appearance and configuration, these characteristics largely depend on the type of activity of the company. For example, if we are talking about a hotel or a large company, where a large flow of visitors and several secretaries' workplaces are expected, then a long and high counter-table is best suited.

If you need to equip the reception area of ​​a small company, store, then the best solution would be a small mini-reception, which has a rounded or angular shape. It is desirable that the reception is located opposite the doors, in this case, visitors will immediately understand who they need to contact with questions.

Today, office furniture manufacturing companies offer both modular reception series and custom-made production. Both options have their advantages. Modular racks are convenient in that they allow for redevelopment of the premises, modules can be interchanged or supplemented with new ones.

A custom-made reception desk, as a rule, is designed for a specific room, taking into account all its features, taking into account the specifics of the company's work and its requirements. Various materials can be used for the manufacture of racks: chipboard, wood, MDF, metal, glass, plastic, artificial stone, the choice of material depends on the chosen style. For example, classic is natural wood, MDF or chipboard, Hi-Tech is metal, glass, stone. You can decorate the counter with lighting, natural leather, leatherette or plastic.

The reception desk by its design consists of two levels – a tabletop for visitors, on which they can fill in papers and a working area for the secretary. The secretary's working area should be wide, there should be enough space both for the secretary's work and for placing office equipment. The length of the counter must be such that at least two visitors can be received at the same time behind it. The reception desk must be complemented by side tables, closed filing cabinets or shelves, this will allow you not to clutter up the desk with papers, documents and the reception will have a neat appearance.

Waiting area.

In addition to the reception desk, great attention should be paid to the waiting area. You need to make sure that visitors spend time waiting for their turn, or have an additional opportunity to prepare for a meeting in a comfortable environment. Therefore, the sofa is an important piece of furniture for the reception area. If we are talking about institutions with a large flow of clients, medical companies, hotels, then the sofa needs to be supplemented with armchairs or chairs. It is better to place a soft corner in a conspicuous place, and if the reception area allows, then a coffee table, cabinets with laid out newspapers and magazines will perfectly complement the interior and will enhance the positive impression of the company. It is better to choose furniture for the reception room in calm, dull colors; for a sofa, leatherette or leather would be the best upholstery option.

Furniture for the reception area is one of the indicators of the company's well-being, therefore it is not recommended to save on it. Buying high-quality, comfortable furniture for the reception area is a profitable investment that will definitely pay off by attracting new partners and clients.

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