How to create the perfect company face

It is a well-known fact - they are greeted by their clothes, and seen off according to their mind, the same applies to business. Only in business is “clothes” a reception area, and mind is a good product or service and the ability to sell them. An important factor is the client's first impression of the company, namely the reception desk helps to form it. Many clients do not even think about it, relying on the words of inexperienced sellers or those who can make a reception desk to order, but who do not specialize in this, but work according to the principle - we produce everything.

How to create the perfect company face

So where do you start? Smart Space specialists recommend carefully choosing a manufacturer or supplier of office furniture. First of all, look at the completed projects, photos of office furniture that was actually made by this manufacturer. We strongly recommend that you make sure that the photos are not stolen from another site, also a bona fide office furniture manufacturer will always show you their production upon request, while others will find a thousand good reasons not to. A good specialist will listen to your wishes and immediately suggest the best option for price, quality and design.

So, Barbarossa plan or custom-made office rack:

Determine a budget, or, more simply, how much money you are willing to spend.
Think over the functional part - how many secretaries work at the reception desk, what kind of document flow they have, do they need lockers to store valuables, how much equipment will be used by secretaries (telephone, fax, computer or laptop, printer, copier)
Which design of the reception desk to choose - a strict business one or a bright designer one - this will most likely be a parallel to your principle of work. Strict business - a classic, like a classic suit - it is always in fashion and always says - I am a serious person and you can trust me. The design reception desk is rather an indicator of the company's creativity - we are not like others, we are unique and our products are unique.
An important fact in the development of the secretary's desk will be the question - are we going to move? If yes, then this must be taken into account when developing - the rack must be collapsible (and high-quality fasteners must be used).
Having determined the budget and design of the stock, you will be informed of what materials it can be made from and in what time frame.
That's all, it remains only to order a reception desk, and it is best to do this in the Smart Space company, which has extensive experience in the production of the most complex products and a considerable track record in the form of clients and a portfolio of works.

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